Xiaomi Mi MIX 2020 will have 120Hz QHD display & 100W charging

Xiaomi Mi MIX 2020 will have 120Hz QHD display & 100W charging

The Xiaomi Mi MIX Alpha was the amazing flagship phone from Xiaomi, although it is not so common device at all but it was an innovative device and now it's time for Xiaomi Mi MIX lineup new phone either MIX 4 or MIX 5 or maybe MIX 2020 and leaks are already coming in.

Xiaomi Mi MIX 2020

Xiaomi uses the MIX lineup to showcase some innovation and what the future holds, The Mi MIX Alpha came with 180.6% screen to body ratio such design we have never seen before and here is some great news for MIX fans.

Xiaomi has started working on the next Mi MIX phone and maybe they are skipping MIX 4 because there is MIX Alpha also Four is unlucky in China but no confirmation about it and it will come later this year and we have some amazing news for you all.

A few days back, chat station gave the initial information that they will use Quad HD display and 120-hertz refresh rate screen in the next Mi MIX device that's amazing.

The Xiaomi Mi 10 is coming with Quad HD display but with a 90-hertz refresh rate screen and Redmi K30 or Poco X2 uses 120 hertz but that LCD panel so those who want Xiaomi flagship with a 120-hertz refresh rate + Quad HD display you need to wait for the next Mi MIX phone.

But another shocking news coming in from Xiaomi and digital chat station that Xiaomi gave the official confirmation that 100 watts fast charging is coming officially this year.

And chat station hints that Xiaomi will be using it in their upcoming MIX smartphone so this is gonna be a beast in terms of these specifications you get the flagship CPU, Quad HD + 120-hertz refresh rate display and 100 watts fast charging.

But in terms of the design of upcoming Mi MIX, I don't think Xiaomi is gonna use the same design language like Mi MIX Alpha because that is something everyone cannot purchase but its specs beast is gonna compete against the Samsung Galaxy Note 20 and Galaxy Note 20 Plus.

Redmi K30 Pro

There is also some latest news coming about the Redmi K30 Pro, The full-screen device with pop-up mechanism is gonna use a 4700 mAh Battery with 33 watts of fast charging.

The Remi K30 is using a 4500 mAh Battery so this is an improvement for sure and a huge battery is essential for a high refresh rate but as per leaks, K30 Pro is getting 60 Hertz OLED screen so 4700 mAh is easily gonna go a day or two.

He also confirms the camera details that Xiaomi is using IMX686 camera on the K30 Pro and there are four cameras on the back however the camera placement is different than K30 / Poco X2

So the rear design of K30 Pro is gonna be similar to K30 / Poco X2 but the front design will be better because they are ditching the dual ugly punch hole camera.

Xiaomi Mi 10

Xiaomi is launching the Mi 10 and Mi 10 Pro flagship online this year cause of the virus situation going on in China and they may also cancel the MWC global launch for the devices.

In China, as for the latest information Xiaomi plans to launch these devices on 14th February and we will get some official information starting this week so get ready the phones are coming really really soon.

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