Redmi K30 Pro & K30 Pro Zoom Edition Price & Specs

Redmi K30 Pro & K30 Pro Zoom Edition Price & Specs

The next flagship devices from Xiaomi is just few days ago because Xiaomi is announcing the Redmi K30 Pro and K30 Pro Zoom Edition on 24th March.

Redmi K30 Pro & K30 Pro Zoom Edition Leak

So on March 24, Xiaomi will showcase these devices in a pre-recorded live event where they'll also announce the features and pricing but there's no need to wait because a live look image of Redmi K30 Pro 5G is leaked already.

Redmi K30 Pro & K30 Pro Zoom Edition Teaser Image
Source: NDTV Gadgets

It's having a circular camera module like Nokia and Motorola which is having four cameras on the back and there is also an LED flash and 5G branding.

On the top of the device, there is a rising selfie shooter with a single camera and LED flash like K20 which you can use for the notifications.

There is also a headphone jack which is impressive, and besides this color that we have seen in the leaked image, I think there are more color options like Black and White.

In terms of the front design, It gets a full-screen panel with no notches no holes so they are continuing the same design like K20 Pro and that's great because nowadays every smartphone is coming with holes os it's great to see something unique.

Specifications & Price

We also have the full list of specifications by the courtesy of the Chinese social platform, It says there is a 2.5D curve 6.4 inches 1080p OLED display.

In terms of camera, Xiaomi is using a 64MP IMX686 lens along with 13MP ultra-wide lens and the other two are most likely Macro and Depth lenses.

Xiaomi made a specific variant for telephoto zoom and that's the Redmi K30 Pro Zoom Edition which will feature a telephoto lens as it name suggests.

But except the telephoto lens, the rest specifications of K30 Pro Zoom Edition are the same as K30 Pro so I think there was no need for a Zoom Edition, I mean they could have done this with the regular variant but also featuring a telephoto lens is not bad at all.

We will also get a 4500 mAh battery with 30 watts fast charging, the flagship CPU Snapdragon 865, LPDDR5 RAM, UFS 3.1 for fast read and write speed and NFC and the leak also says the K30 Pro gets only 8 GB RAM while Zoom Edition will be having 12 GB RAM.

Now there is no wireless charging, IP68 certification, no 90 Hertz smoothness which we have already got in the Xiaomi Mi 10.

The pricing mentioned in the leak is quite shocking it says the Redmi K30 Pro 5G starts at ¥3499 Yuan which is $500 US dollars.

And if you want its Zoom Edition so you have to pay ¥4199 Yuan which is $600 US dollars, if this is the pricing without any flagship features apart from the 865 silicon I have no idea how Xiaomi is gonna sell this thing.

Because you can get these features in the Poco X2 also except Snapdragon 865 CPU but again this is the speculated pricing and I hope it starts at ¥2499 Yuan that would make more sense like last year, so that's all guys stay tuned for more.

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