Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Processor Leaked

Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Processor Leaked

The Samsung Galaxy Note 20 will be the next smartphone of Galaxy Note lineup and Samsung's second 2020 flagship, the first one is the Galaxy S20 family and leaks are already coming in for this device.

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Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Processor

Samsung revamped its naming scheme this year with the Galaxy S lineup, going from the S10 to the S20, So I guess we're going to see something similar for the Note lineup, meaning 2020 will see the launch of the Samsung Galaxy Note 20.

We've already talked about the Galaxy Note 20 a couple of times in the past and today we're hearing something really interesting, Max Weinbach if you know, he is the man who leaked most of the Galaxy S20 stuff is back again with some new information about the Galaxy Note 20.

He says there will be two Galaxy Note 20 this year which is expected since there were two Galaxy Note 10 last year.

But here's something gets interesting, he says both of these Galaxy Note 20 models will have different chipsets, One will have the latest Qualcomm Snapdragon 865 which we have been sawed on the Galaxy S20 devices, but he didn't mention what chipset the other Galaxy Note 20 will have.

For clarification, he isn't talking about the Snapdragon and Exynos variants, I mean the Galaxy S20, for example, comes with Snapdragon 865 and Exynos 990 for some different markets.

But maybe it's possible he's talking about Samsung's soon to be a happening collaboration with AMD to use their Radeon graphics in their Exynos chipset.

But the likelihood of that happening is less because the last time I heard the collaboration will happen in 2021 for the Galaxy S21 perhaps, So really intrigued to see how this is going to unfold.

Max Weinbach also teased that this could be something totally different, maybe there will be two Galaxy Note 20 this year, one regular Note 20 and another foldable Galaxy Note 20.

This is entirely possible because Samsung recently trademarked the term Samsung PIFF and it's clearly mentioned in the trademark application that it is only for “display for smartphones,”.

This could be a new display for the Samsung Galaxy Fold with its rumored S-Pen support or maybe that is actually the second Galaxy Note 20 after all and Samsung would consolidate both lines as previously rumored.

It's hard to guess what this actually means but Max has our attention, he said he'll reveal more information later.

Samsung's 5nm EUV Production

Samsung has started the construction of 5nm EUV production lines and will be able to mass-produce it by the end of this year which means the Galaxy S21 scheduled to launch in February next year will use this new 5nm chipset.

The current flagship processors are built on the 7nm process but 5nm EUV technology will allow chips to be 25% smaller compared to the chips made using 7nm EUV technology and this would mean better efficiency, speed and more.

Apple will be the first one to use the 5nm chips made by TSMC on the iPhone 12, so if all goes as expected the new Samsung AMD GPU will debut with a 5nm architecture.

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